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5th Grade Supplies

Parents – Please note that the following list is not all-inclusive of what will be necessary for your child next year.  This is a list of the items that are required by all 5th-grade teachers.  You child’s specific teacher will send home a list of the additional items needed for his/her particular classroom on the first day of school. 


Per student:

3” open 3-ring binder (no zipper!)

Pencil box (to go in desk)

Pencils (2 at ALL times)


4 spiral single-subject notebooks (No 3 subject spirals)

1 composition notebook

Dry erase marker (fine tip/thin) inside a sock

Glue sticks (2 at ALL times)

Small, student-size scissors


Classroom donations (optional):

Copy paper

College-rule paper



Any extra student supplies

Scotch tape